Barcode system

Correct Rx Pharmacy Services has invested in an automated shipment verification system to ensure the highest level of accuracy to our customers. This state-of-the-art system uses barcode scanning equipment to verify each order as it is placed into the shipping containter for each facility we serve. The computer system then compares each order scanned versus the computer record of outstanding orders for that facility. If there is any discrepancy, it must be resolved before the shipment is released to the carrier for delivery.

Facility Web-Based Advanced Barcode Technology

This system is then used by our customers to verify the receipt of their orders from Correct Rx. When a shipment is delivered, a nurse simply has to scan each prescription’s individual barcode and verify the amount contained. If any items are missing, an exception report is generated for both the nurse and Correct Rx Pharmacy to correct.

In addition, this site also allows facilities to refill prescriptions simply by scanning the barcodes. When scanned, the order goes to Correct Rx Pharmacy via the web and prescriptions are ready to be filled.

We believe this advancement in the use of technology provides significant time savings to our clients, and results in higher accuracy for our shipments. This is a measurable advantage that will make our clients even happier with the service they receive from Correct Rx Pharmacy Services.

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