Correct Rx Pharmacy Services, Inc. Names Four Vice Presidents Effective January 1, 2013

Dr. Ellen H. Yankellow, PharmD, President & CEO of Correct Rx Pharmacy Services, Inc. names four Vice Presidents effective January 1, 2013:

Rachael A. Campbell, Vice President Administrative Services

John R. Nattans, MC, LCPC, NCC, Vice President Program Management

Hui Seo, Pharm D, MBA, CCHP, Vice President Clinical Programs

Martin L. Yankellow, Esq.,  Vice President

In an ongoing effort to promote valued management and leadership, Yankellow asserts “These four individuals have exceeded their roles in taking Correct Rx to its next level of achievement.  Accordingly, it is both appropriate and timely to appoint each to their level of achievement with the title of Corporate Vice President.”

During her ten year career with Correct Rx as Director of Administrative Services, Rachael Campbell has devoted direct support to Correctional Operations.  Her contract knowledge has significantly improved the firm’s RFP response creating a positive impact on company results.  Campbell will continue to supervise the administrative and office staff and be responsible for maintaining all licensures and certifications.   Past Chair of Women’s Forward Conference at the Maryland Correctional Institute for Women in 2010, she continues to serve as a Committee Member.   Campbell worked in various administrative capacities from 1992 to 2003 before gaining employment with Correct Rx.

John Nattans joined Correct Rx in 2005 after ten years of experience in direct care services to some of the most challenging adolescent populations in the country.  As Vice President of Program Management, he oversees all service requirements for Statewide Correctional Systems, serves as liaison between pharmacy operations and is committed to Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) and staff development.  Under Nattans direction, Correct Rx has received no fines or been assessed any liquidated damages.  He currently is President of the Board of the Maryland Criminal Justice Association and is a member of the American Correctional Association, the American Counseling Association, the American Psychotherapy Association and the National Board of Professional Counselors.   Nattans has a B.A. Psychology Degree from the University of Delaware and a Masters of Counseling from Arizona State University.

As Corporate Director for Clinical Programs since 2006, Hui Seo has distinguished himself by breaking new ground in the delivery of clinical pharmaceutical care.  By implementing disease state management clinics for pharmacists, patient care is directly provided to correctional facilities.  Seo will continue to oversee the clinical pharmacist’s monitoring of medication consumption to avoid anomalies and inconsistencies.  Other responsibilities include the establishment of Psychiatric Clinical Pathways for large national medical and mental health vendors, calculating the ROI for pharmacy management activities and providing medication use evaluations for correctional and long term care facilities.

Receiving both a B.A. , PharmD and MBA  from the University of Maryland, Seo completed his Pharmacy Practice Residency from  Walter Reed Army Medical Center.  From 1999 to 2004, he progressed from Chief of Outpatient Pharmacy to Division Pharmacist to Formulary Manager and Clinical Pharmacist.  Immediately prior to joining Correct Rx, Seo was Director of Pharmacy for Coram Healthcare.  He is credited with numerous research publications and presentations and has been honored with four Army Commendation Medals.

Martin L. Yankellow, Esq. was appointed Director of Regulatory Affairs upon joining Correct Rx in 2006.  He was previously a trial attorney in private practice in Chicago having received his Jurus Doctor from Chicago Kent School of Law in 2001.  In his current position, Yankellow is charged with monitoring federal and state regulatory boards throughout the country to assure that the highest standards for corporate governance and regulatory compliance are in place for each segment of the company.  His department acts as a clearing house for legal advice to management when reviewing contracts, developing policies and procedures, and orienting and training employees.  Yankellow’s legal and regulatory expertise is critical for operational and clinical programs with a focus on institutional pharmacies for the clients served by Correct Rx.