Innovative Technology

More than ever, our clients appreciate how the Correct Rx approach to technology integrates nearly seamlessly into their daily responsibilities. Our specialized correctional software is an easy fit with most offender management systems and includes an Electronic Medical Record. From installing applications to designing complex computer networks and information databases that enable employees to instantly access a complete range of vital information, our IT professionals know that responsiveness and customer satisfaction are key to their success.

Electronic Interface Capability

The experience that Correct Rx provides, as well as the integration of our pharmacy software system with Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Medication Administration Records is neither limited to one client nor one software system.

We have worked with numerous state, county and city facilities. Our experience with common themes, including correctional workflow, security needs, specialized reporting requirements and database management, as well as with a myriad of unique state and local regulations, provides us with knowledge and experience that enables us to get it right the first time – no matter what issue may arise.

We have implemented a wide variety of both clinic and cell-side models, with training and support for these systems at the facility level.

Facility Web-Based Advanced Barcode Technology

Correct Rx has invested in an automated shipment verification system to ensure the highest level of accuracy for our customers. This state-of-the-art system uses barcode scanning equipment to verify each order as it is placed into the shipping container for each facility that we serve. The computer system then compares each order scanned versus the computer record of outstanding orders for that facility. Discrepancies must be resolved before the shipment is released to the carrier for delivery.

Check-in shipment

When you receive a shipment from Correct Rx, instead of manually checking it in, just log in to our website and check the order in, using the scanner provided by Correct Rx. It’s designed to make check-in much faster, while creating an additional layer of security to ensure that you receive everything that you ordered from us.

With this approach, shipment check-in time is reduced by approximately 90% versus the outdated manual process of checking orders against the paper-packing list. After scanning all of your orders for that date, you can then run a report to ensure that all orders were received. Orders that you checked in will show in green, while any orders that you did not scan will show in red.